Presented By Greg Billings, Liane Rockley, Ted Eschliman, Victor Salazar, Zach Phillips
Many attendees caught the final NAMM University Breakfast Session to find out the show's must-see products, selected by the panel members. “Best in Show—This Year's Hottest Products” was moderated by Frank Alkyer and featured panelists Greg Billings, Ted Eschliman, Alan Friedman, Pete Gamber, Zach Phillips, Liane Rockley and Victor
Rock god and media mogul Gene Simmons dropped by the NAMM U Breakfast Session on Thursday morning at the 2009 NAMM Show to share his unique perspectives on marketing and succeeding despite the odds. Even though NAMM President Joe Lamond barely got a word in edgewise, Gene mesmerized attendees with his quick wit and savvy business advice.
NAMM President and CEO Joe Lamond discusses the current state of the industry and how the NAMM University Breakfast Sessions will help provide Members with answers, ideas and a plan of action for the year ahead.  
NAMM President/CEO Joe Lamond interviews Mitsuru "Mick" Umemura, the President of of Yamaha Corporation Japan, about his career, the lessons he's learned over the years and how his company plans to move forward in today's uncertain economic climate.
To achieve success, you need to stay open to new and innovative ways to do business. In this segment, NAMM President/CEO Joe Lamond interviews three young, passionate retailers who  are doing exactly that: Jason Tavaria of Dolphin Music, Liverpool, England; Scott Silver of Chicago Music Exchange, Chicago, Ill.; and Billy Cuthrell of Progressive Music Center, Raleigh, N.C.
Change is a constant in our industry. That's why it's more important than ever to stay ahead of the curve. In this NAMM U Breakfast Session, moderator Bill Hinely addresses the new technologies, trends and social shifts that are now providing our industry with a variety of challenges and opportunities.
Presented By Danny Rocks
This record-setting Breakfast Session left attendees inspired and motivated to breathe new life into their businesses as hosts Alan Friedman and Danny Rocks served up "25 Ideas for Improving Your Business--NOW!" These great ideas aren't just theories; instead, they're practical, dealer-tested tips shared by some of NAMM's most successful retail members.
Bill Mendello is Chairman and CEO of Fender Musical Instruments Corporation. With his depth of experience and unique ability to understand and solve complex issues associated with engineering, manufacturing and finance. Bill has proven to be a universally respected and admired leader of the iconic Fender family.
Henry Juszkeiwicz, CEO of Gibson Guitars, appears as a guest at NAMM U's Breakfast of Champions session, interviewed by NAMM CEO & President Joe Lamond.
Marty Albertson became Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Guitar Center, Inc., in 2004.  He joined Guitar Center as a salesperson in 1979 and has held various positions of increasing responsibility with Guitar Center since.  Marty served first as Advertising Director and in 1984 became National Sales Manager.  In 1985, Mr.