YouTube, Skype and smartphones have changed the way people learn music. Is your lesson program keeping up? In this session, Billy Cuthrell of Progressive Music Center, a successful lessons business with 1,100-plus students weekly, shows how he’s expanded, modernized and updated his lessons using simple technologies.
Lesson programs need constant fine-tuning to stay relevant and successful. During the past 23 years, The Music Room has regularly refined its program to keep up to date with customer trends while also protecting its bottom line. Here, company owner Carol Cook shares her biggest takeaways and hard-earned wisdom from more than two decades of working and reworking her program.
Sometimes, making just one big mistake can stall a lesson program. Here, lessons guru Pete Gamber lays out the biggest mistakes that impede a program’s success. He also shows how fixing any one of these “big mistakes” can transform a weak lesson program into a growing program that differentiates your business from the competition.
Generation Z kids bring a whole new set of challenges to music teachers and parents. Gen Z students learn differently because of their exposure to technology. So, how do you get a generation of kids known for their short attention spans to cope with the difficulties of mastering an instrument? Mike and Miriam Risko of Mike Risko Music School share their best tips.
Imagine running a music lesson program that not only turns a profit but also increases your retail sales. In this NAMM U session, Paul Myatt, director of Forte School of Music in Australia, discusses the proven, low-cost guerilla marketing tactics that he’s used to build Forte into a program with more than 4,000 students across 12 locations.
Presented By Mike and Miriam Risko
Learning to perform is a critical part of studying music. Are you giving students enough performance opportunities in your music lesson program? Here, Mike and Miriam Risko of Mike Risko Music School look at five unique performance opportunities to consider for your students.
Presented By Carol Cook
In this session from The 2017 NAMM Show, Carol Cook, owner of The Music Room, shares seven critical steps she’s used to grow her thriving lesson program. She dives into proven tips for closing the sale to prospective students, tightening up lesson-administration practices and setting students up to succeed for better retention.
Presented By Noel Wentworth
Wentworth Music is a testament to the power of word-of-mouth advertising. At The 2017 NAMM Show, Noel Wentworth shared how he grew his lesson program from 90 to more than 900 students during the past 13 years. His secret? The power of storytelling. Find out how he did it.
Presented By Menzie Pittman
Between YouTube and Skype learning, there’s never been more competition for music lessons. In this NAMM U session, Menzie Pittman of Contemporary Music Center walks you through how he’s updated (and continues to update) his program for the next decade—and delivers a complete experience that differentiates him from the competition. Discover new ideas for keeping your lesson program relevant.
Presented By Mike and Miriam Risko
A new generation of students is over-scheduled, and private lessons might not be right for them. If you have a lessons operation, it’s important to consider offering a diverse program that appeals to different kinds of students. Here, Mike and Miriam Risko of Mike Risko Music School offer tips for getting started.