Okay, so you’ve finished teacher interviews and you are confident you hired a great staff for your lesson program. In this clip, Pete Gamber cautions you to be careful of your first instincts to randomly schedule lessons for your teachers.  Instead, schedule your teachers’ lessons with a plan in mind to set up your store for long-term success.
Let’s talk about store hours. Listen as Pete Gamber explains why your store hours are an integral part of any plan to increase the number of student lessons.
Presented By Dom Famularo, Donna Hall, Jeff Gastineau
Watch our Idea Center panelists respond when an audience member asks about their experiences when creating lesson programs for adults and the unique challenges they present.  Jeff Gastineau, Donna Hall and Pete Gamber discuss some ideas that you can implement in your store to tap into the adult lesson program market.
Presented By Dom Famularo, Donna Hall, Jeff Gastineau
Pete Gamber encourages fellow retail store owners to start with small lesson programs in their store as the building blocks for larger projects.  Watch this video where Pete mentions several ways to create these small lesson programs because "things don't have to start big to be successful."
Presented By Donna Hall
Donna Hall is a strong believer in telling everyone you meet about your lesson programs.  If you are excited about what you do, chances are you can get your community excited too.  But first, your community has to know about your programs.