Presented By Mike and Miriam Risko
Sooner or later, bad weather affects business. And when it does, you can take the day off with the rest of the world or get creative and turn it into an opportunity to market your music lesson program. Here, Mike and Miriam Risko of Mike Risko Music share five ways they've turned snow days and blackouts into a promotional opportunity.
Presented By Liane Rockley
Three years ago, Liane Rockley of Rockley Music made a calculated decision to gut her lesson program and rebuild it from the ground up. It’s now a successful, thriving program, as part of the new Rockley Education Center. And at the 2015 NAMM Show, she shared her strategy for making this happen.
Presented By Donovan Bankhead
At the 2015 NAMM Show, Donovan Bankhead and Misty Kristek of Springfield Music revealed proven strategies and tactics for creating a lesson program with sustainable profits. If you’re tired of music lessons just breaking even at your store, find out how to build a lesson program that customers will pay real money for—and make real money for your business.
At 2014 Summer NAMM, Gayle Beacock, co-owner of Beacock Music and NAMM’s 2013 Dealer of the Year, paid special homage to instructors in her lesson program. This high-energy session features tips and guidelines for building a successful lesson program—one that attracts and keeps great teachers. "We're nothing without our teachers," Beacock says.
At 2014 Summer NAMM, music lessons guru Pete Gamber distilled 35 years of retail and music lessons experience into a candid, tell-all session. It revealed his unique approach to building a successful lessons program—one with a staggering 2,000-plus students per week. Find out how he did it, and apply his best practices to your lesson program.
Rock camps have been part of the music lessons scene for years, but Menzie Pittman has taken the concept to a new level. At Contemporary Music Center, he not only hosts summer camps but also a year-round program that has put his store on the map. At the 2014 NAMM Show, Pittman shared what it takes to succeed with rock camps.
Presented By Susan Pascale
Susan Pascale is the founder and director of Pascale Music Institute, a nationally recognized children’s music lesson program and home of the Los Angeles Children’s Orchestra. In this series, she shares her proven ideas for building a successful lesson program. If you’re interested in growing your program, or starting one, learn from her tried-and-true best practices.
Presented By Brian Reardon
Brian Reardon of Monster Music keeps a steady stream of students coming through his lesson program during the summer months. His secret? A spring promotion that couples a discount on summer music lessons with a free acoustic guitar. The promotion also keeps his teachers busy during the slow time and has been a major source of students year-round.
The back-to-school season is your single biggest make-or-break opportunity with music lessons. What you do to prepare during this period will ultimately affect your store’s lesson program for the entire year. Are you ready? At Summer NAMM 2013, music lessons guru Pete Gamber shared an easy plan for building your lesson program during the busy time.
When Beacock Music first opened in 1976, its lesson program operated traditionally and with fewer systems, explains company co-owner Gayle Beacock. At its peak, the program had around 400 students. That changed in 2004 when Beacock Music redesigned the program. These days, it has a private-lesson count at around 1,200 students per week. Gayle Beacock shows how it got there.