During “Breakfast of Champions” at the 2015 NAMM Show, Moby joined NAMM President and CEO Joe Lamond to look at the DJ and electronic dance music explosion. The pioneering artist also received NAMM’s Music for Life Award, the highest honor in the music products industry.
Celebrating its 10th anniversary in 2015, “Best in Show” featured a roundup of the best products and services at the 2015 NAMM Show. And this year, host Frank Alkyer, publisher of Music Inc. and UpBeat Daily magazines, put together an all-star panel of retail buyers. They shopped the show floor to bring you the standout products you need to check out—gear that’s certain to be a big deal in the new year.
Presented By Rebecca Apodaca
Make your trip to The NAMM Show smooth, economical and safe for your instrument! Rebecca Apodaca, accredited senior appraiser of musical instruments and president of A & D Music, checked in with veteran industry travelers to get a few hot travel ideas.
Presented By Perry Goldstein
Today, musicians need to have videos in order to be discovered and build a following. Are you marketing and selling video equipment to these people? Many of them are already your customers. Perry Goldstein, director of sales for Marshall Electronics/MXL, offers tips for delving into this market.
Presented By Joe Lamond and Guests
We’re living in a world​ of same-day delivery, instant price shopping and unprecedented customer expectations. Which music retailers are flourishing in this climate—and what are they doing differently? NAMM President and CEO Joe Lamond kicked off 2014 Summer NAMM by addressing this question. At the NAMM Retail Summit, he sits down with retail leaders who are thriving in the new business normal to reveal what growth will look like in the coming year.
Presented By Brian Reardon
Brian Reardon of Monster Music had his best sales month ever in March—better than even his best holiday months. During the NAMM Retail Summit at 2014 Summer NAMM, he explains his method to Joe Lamond, NAMM's president and CEO. Reardon used a radio promotion that targeted his core guitar customers, resulting in a sales-generating message that carried over through the summer.
Paul Decker of Music Villa has kept his business thriving by constantly changing and adapting to his customers' needs. Over the past three years, he's refocused his product mix, restructured his music lesson program and redesigned his showroom several times—and that's just the start. During the NAMM Retail Summit at 2014 Summer NAMM, he sits down with NAMM President and CEO Joe Lamond to discuss how change has helped Music Villa continue growing.
Tracy Leenman opened her school music dealership, Musical Innovations, in 2009—at the height of the recession. Since then, her business has grown by leaps and bounds. During the NAMM Retail Summit at 2014 Summer NAMM, she reveals her roadmap to success to NAMM President and CEO Joe Lamond.
Brothers Mike and Andrew Nehra run Vintage King Audio, a recording retailer that grosses nearly $40 million annually. The business keeps growing by uniting a community of audio professionals. The Nehras discuss their strategy and unique business philosophy with NAMM President and CEO Joe Lamond during the NAMM Retail Summit at 2014 Summer NAMM.
Presented By Barry Moltz, Daniel Jobe, John Pedersen , Ted Eschliman
Small-business guru Barry Moltz hosted Breaking Good: Growing Your Business in 2014 at The NAMM Show. This hard-hitting NAMM U Breakfast Session addressed not only music retailers’ biggest concerns in the new year but also the not-to-miss opportunities. Moltz was joined onstage by a think tank of independent music retail experts: Daniel Jobe, Ted Eschliman and John Pedersen.