Presented By Billy Cuthrell
Want to take your music store to the next level? At the 2015 NAMM Show, Billy Cuthrell of Progressive Music revealed the latest tech tools to get you started. Discover how these easy-to-use, retail-friendly technologies—everything from beacon applications to Smart Boards—can help solve common issues and put money back into your bottom line.
Looking to update your store design? Gayle Beacock of Beacock Music, a NAMM Top 100 Dealer for Best Merchandising, has broken down effective store design to a science. Here, she shares her tips for creating a showroom that stands out from the rest. Find out how to take your retail environment to the next level for a bigger “wow” factor—and bigger profits.
Presented By Leslie Faltin
Want to use and eBay to grow your retail business, increase your sales and expand your customer base? Instrumental Music Center has developed a secondary income stream by selling on these platforms. Here, company co-owner Leslie Faltin reveals her proven success strategies.
Presented By Grant Billings
Is your website working for you? At the 2015 NAMM Show, a panel of expert retailers, led by Grant Billings of Steinway Piano Gallery, discussed signs that your website needs an overhaul or an update, if you should do it yourself or hire a pro, and more. These independent retailers have been in your shoes and are making their websites work for them. Find out how.
Presented By Tracy Leenman
School bids can be frustrating. At some point, you’ve probably spent hours working up a school bid, only to lose to a competitor. Still, there’s money to be made in school bidding, if you go about it the right way. Here, Tracy Leenman, owner of Musical Innovations in Greenville, S.C., looks at five ways music retailers can win in the school bid business. Get her tips for long-term success.
Presented By Greg Billings (Moderator)
At the 2015 NAMM Show, three music retail veterans shared their wisdom on starting music retail businesses. Former Steinway Piano Gallery owner Greg Billings, the moderator, was joined by Ellen McDonald of Hartland Music and Menzie Pittman of Contemporary Music Center. They addressed common business pitfalls and what they’d do differently, looking back.
Does your brick-and-mortar store need a makeover? Then check out this NAMM U session from the 2015 NAMM Show. Get great store design ideas from Jen Lowe of Boom Boom Percussion and a panel of forward-thinking music retailers—David Kalt of Chicago Music Exchange (pictured), Mike and Ray Guntren of Ray’s Midbell Music, and Mike Stryker of Spindrift Guitars.
Millennials—people 18–33 years old—are the fastest-growing segment of the workforce across all industries. At the 2015 NAMM Show, CJ Averwater of Amro Music showed music retailers how to attract, motivate and unleash their talent. “As managers and business owners, we have to understand and be able to relate to them,” he said.
At 2014 Summer NAMM, Robert Christie, owner of A & G Central Music, gave music retailers the straight skinny on repair shop profitability. He focused on the financial side of a successful repair department, how to apply the same sales strategies you use on your sales floor with repairs and how the repair shop interacts with your overall business strategy. “All of these contacts we have with the customers are an opportunity to sell our repair shop,” Christie said.
Looking for a few apps to help you improve your music retail business—and your everyday life? At Summer NAMM 2014, CJ Averwater of Amro Music revealed his list of top 10 apps that have worked for him. He focused on practical, no-frills apps that addressed retailer business practices and efficiencies.