Presented By Jim Rupp
During economic downturns, people look for ways to streamline their businesses. Listen as Jim Rupp from Columbus Music answers the question, 'Were there new ideas or processes that your store recently adopted to help combat slower sales, and that you will continue to use in the future?'
In this clip, Alan describes what he feels to be the five essential components of any music retail business.
Listen as Billy Cuthrell, owner of Progressive Music Center, explains how he increases efficiency in his store through delegation and one on one communication with his staff.
Presented By Danny Rocks
All success is planned. But in order to plan, you must know what is required from a time commitment perspective. In this video, Danny introduces ‘smart’ goals, time-based goals, and more. What do you want to achieve? What kinds of smart goals do you want to focus on? What is your contract with yourself?
Presented By Nick Rail
Want to tap into the affluent senior and baby boomer markets? Nick Rail suggests starting a New Horizons Band program or “NHB.” Nick has run his own NHB since October of 1995—with great success! “We had 33 people turn out for our initial band meeting, and today it’s a mature group of about 85 people. A majority of the original members still belong.”
Presented By Tristann Rieck
At the end of each school year, the folks at Brass Bell Music hold a “Thank You Banquet” for their local band & orchestra, choir and music directors. They also invite new prospects to attend.
Presented By John Pedersen , Nedra Pedersen
This is a great way to reach parents of school-age kids who have an interest in instrumental music. Three years ago, John and Nedra Pedersen held their first “Back-to-School Musical Instrument Petting Zoo,” dividing their store into three exotic territories: Woodwindland, Brassland and Stringland.
To reach more local musicians, Ravi suggests turning your clinics into entertaining and inspiring “events” that showcase your store’s inventory and services—and appeal to a community hungry for entertainment during tough times. Like anything of value, results require investment. Your manufacturers might pitch
Presented By Myrna Sislen
One way that Myrna Sislen creates community involvement and support is by holding music recitals. She schedules them after hours, allowing her to use the center of her store for the recital. And this year, for the first time, she videotaped each event and gave every student a copy of the DVD. This took an initial outlay of cash to purchase a camcorder, video-editing
Presented By Ted Eschliman
Last year, Ted Eschliman came up with an idea for a marketing campaign that was both “experiential” and “resonant.” Combining the call to recycle with his customer’s desire to save money, Ted devised his “Green Bag” promotion.