Presented By Donovan Bankhead
During the past two years, Springfield Music more than doubled in size—growing from two to five stores. In this eye-opening article, Donovan Bankhead, the company's vice president, shares what he learned along the way. He touches upon everything from profitability to managing different store cultures to facing new competitors. Learn from his "confessions."
You’ve stocked your store with the right products. It looks fine, but you might be confusing customers and missing out on critical sales—all because of poor merchandising. At the 2014 NAMM Show, Tracy Leenman of Musical Innovations offered 10 simple and effective merchandising tips you can use right away. Don’t underestimate the power of merchandising.
Presented By Barry Moltz, Daniel Jobe, John Pedersen , Ted Eschliman
Small-business guru Barry Moltz hosted Breaking Good: Growing Your Business in 2014 at The NAMM Show. This hard-hitting NAMM U Breakfast Session addressed not only music retailers’ biggest concerns in the new year but also the not-to-miss opportunities. Moltz was joined onstage by a think tank of independent music retail experts: Daniel Jobe, Ted Eschliman and John Pedersen.
In less than one minute, Tracy Leenman of Musical Innovations shares her big idea: Get involved in your local chamber of commerce. Leenman hosted a business after-hours event through her chamber of commerce in August 2012. The event brought 200 people to her store’s parking lot. “One band director ended up bringing his whole marching band,” she says.
Presented By Jeffrey Hayzlett
When was the last time you did a mirror test to make sure your business was still alive and breathing? With the rising influence of e-commerce and economic pressures, how do you keep your business relevant and focused?
Presented By Kenny Smith
Today's digitally armed consumers have adopted showrooming as part of the buying process. Using brick-and-mortar stores to check out products and later purchase them online is becoming more common. There are productive ways to combat showrooming, so you can get those customers browsing and buying in your store. Kenny Smith shares a few ideas that top retailers have successfully implemented.
Presented By Donovan Bankhead
In less than 2 minutes, Donovan Bankhead of Springfield Music shares his big idea: Use Google Apps to stay organized and improve your business. He's used this service at his music stores to do everything from share sales procedures with his team to organize his company's many promotional events. He adds, "They have a free program, and then you can also scale it up with a paid program if you need to."
Presented By Brad Boynton, Danny Rocks, Whitney Brown Grisaffi
You want to improve your store's website but don't know where to start. Do you go the e-commerce route or use your site simply as a local calling card? Do you hire outside help or do it yourself? How much do you invest? This panel discussion at Summer NAMM 2013, moderated by Danny Rocks of The Company Rocks, addressed these questions. Hear from three different brick-and-mortar MI retailers who have websites that work for them.
Many customers consider shopping a stressful chore and place a huge premium on convenience. Is your store merchandised in a way that contributes to their stress? Tracy Leenman of Musical Innovations offers 10 easy ideas to make a store more shopper-friendly, so customers feel comfortable in your showroom and can find what they need easily. The more comfortable they are, the more time and money they'll spend with you.
Presented By Colleen Billings, PHR
Did you know that the simple act of communicating can make a big difference to your store’s bottom line? Colleen Billings of Billings Piano Gallery shows how communicating effectively with your employees will strengthen key relationships and your business. Committed employees become ambassadors for your store and your relationships with customers.