Presented By Kenny Smith
Today's digitally armed consumers have adopted showrooming as part of the buying process. Using brick-and-mortar stores to check out products and later purchase them online is becoming more common. There are productive ways to combat showrooming, so you can get those customers browsing and buying in your store. Kenny Smith shares a few ideas that top retailers have successfully implemented.
Presented By Donovan Bankhead
In less than 2 minutes, Donovan Bankhead of Springfield Music shares his big idea: Use Google Apps to stay organized and improve your business. He's used this service at his music stores to do everything from share sales procedures with his team to organize his company's many promotional events. He adds, "They have a free program, and then you can also scale it up with a paid program if you need to."
Many customers consider shopping a stressful chore and place a huge premium on convenience. Is your store merchandised in a way that contributes to their stress? Tracy Leenman of Musical Innovations offers 10 easy ideas to make a store more shopper-friendly, so customers feel comfortable in your showroom and can find what they need easily. The more comfortable they are, the more time and money they'll spend with you.
Presented By Colleen Billings, PHR
Did you know that the simple act of communicating can make a big difference to your store’s bottom line? Colleen Billings of Billings Piano Gallery shows how communicating effectively with your employees will strengthen key relationships and your business. Committed employees become ambassadors for your store and your relationships with customers.
Presented By Cris Behrens
Key management and operations strategies from "40 Tips for Music Professionals 40 and Under"—a NAMM U session presented at The NAMM Show 2013. The session was hosted by Ryan West (pictured), Cris Behrens and CJ Averwater of NAMM YP (Young Professionals). Use this as a checklist, and share it with your employees.
Presented By Donovan Bankhead
The NAMM Show and Summer NAMM are always fun times to see new products, meet new people and catch up with old friends. Still, retailers need to make sure they use their time wisely. With that in mind, Donovan Bankhead of Springfield Music shares his top 10 tips for getting the most out of every show.
To attract customers, your store should be filled with cool products that customers want and need. But finding out what customers want can be daunting. Leslie Faltin of Instrumental Music Center explores three questions to ask yourself before committing to a purchase order.
Presented By Donovan Bankhead
Do you find yourself saying, "I have too many things to do to worry about being productive"? The good news is managing your time is easier than you think. A few simple online tools will help you stay on track. Donovan Bankhead of Springfield Music reveals how such tools as Gmail, Boomerang, Google Calendar and Google Drive can change your day-to-day experience—and impact your bottom line.
Does your company handle purchasing as a team? Are the voices of your sales and support staff heard before you place purchase orders? Obviously, a purchasing director or manager needs to make final calls on buying decisions, but the more you can get your associates involved in what they're going to sell, the more they'll be motivated to sell it.
Presented By Brian Solis
Social media. Smartphones. Tablets. Internet access everywhere, all the time. There's a point when technology shifts from being a trend to becoming a disruption in daily business. Yet another point comes when consumer behavior starts to shift, and we're presented with an important decision: Either we embrace this change or we don't. Digital marketing guru Brian Solis explains how. Watch the video.