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Brian Farrell was an original member of Colonel Bagshot, a Liverpool based band which was formed in the 1960s.

Dave McCluskey was like so many of his peers growing up in Liverpool after the Beatles who joined a rock band. He started off on guitar but switched to bass. In 1988 he landed the perfect job that allowed him to gig at night, while working in music retail during the day. Dave was a salesman for Rushworth & Dreaper, one of the largest music stores in Liverpool.

Nick Batt is the Director of Sonicstate - a website and podcast dedicated to reviewing and commenting on advancements in electronic musical instruments. During his NAMM Oral History interview he spoke about the history of Sonicstate, which was launched at the dawn of the Internet in 1994.

Gaz Williams is a well know podcaster and consultant for Sonicstate. He is also a passionate musician having played bass since he was 15 years old. At an early age, Gaz combined his bass with MIDI and was always looking for the latest gear that could enhance his playing by creating new sounds.

Eddie Veale is the studio designer who worked hand in hand with some of music’s greatest artists to create their own home studios. Eddie designed the home studio John Lennon used to record “Imagine.”  In fact, John was so excited to get in and use his new studio, he began recording while Eddie was still there. As a result, Eddie became one of the first acousticians to engineer

Adrian Smale grew up in a very musical home. His mother played and taught piano while his father played the violin. He witnessed firsthand the joy music can bring a person’s life and, years later, played a vital role in doing just that while working in music retail.

Trevor Austin has encouraged and assisted countless young musicians for over half a century as the director of the Rosehill Instrument stores in England. His passion for playing goes back to when he was a child and hearing instrumental music. Trevor later became a top level euphonium player and earned a special position in the Mounted Band of the Royal Horse Guards.

This is the full length NAMM Oral History interview with Jody Carver, which was captured on October 12, 2013. For his biography and web-clip, please follow this link: https://www.namm.org/library/oral-history/jody-carver

Nigel Edmund-Jones was the founder of the London Rock Shop. The small store was established in 1980 and became legendary in the music industry for the long list of famous customers. The store closed after six years, which gave Nigel an opportunity to focus on musical composition and publishing. He had worked for Chappell some years earlier and really developed a passion for mus

Chris Wright recalls hearing the drummer play in the famous British instrumental band, The Shadows. From that moment on all he wanted was a drum kit. His dear dad brought home a used drum for him one day and as they say, his life was never the same!