What we don’t know about customer behavior can hurt us. Don’t let this affect your business! In this session, Sean Samson of Sean Samson Training will look at the five real reasons customers don’t buy and what you can do about it. He offers a practical, easy-to-follow approach to diagnosing problems and reveals how to create consistent, profitable customer interactions that will accelerate sales.
Are you using your YouTube channel to its full advantage? In this session, Dan Abel, director of marketing for Reverb.com and former content partnerships manager at YouTube, explores five little-known tools and features that will help you create better content, get your videos in front of a larger audience and more.
If you want to increase your bottom line substantially by next week, it starts with doing something new this week! In this session, sales guru Bob Popyk and financial guru Alan Friedman reveal 10 ideas to increase your profits, reduce expenses and generate more sales quickly. A session for new and veteran music retailers alike.
In this session, Michelle Schulp, website developer and lead designer for Inbound Audio Video, helps you identify your website’s primary call to action and create online experiences that support that goal. Discover how seemingly minor web design choices have a huge impact on how people interact with and understand your website—and how that can affect your company’s bottom line.
If you’ve noticed your Facebook traffic drop recently, you’re not alone. Facebook has rolled out major changes this year, and using outdated marketing tactics will cost you. Don’t let your posts go unseen! Check out this session from 2018 Summer NAMM by leading social media authority Jenn Herman. No matter the size of your Facebook audience, you can surpass the competition.
The digital consumer has changed business as we know it. How can your business keep up, and even lead, in this new reality? During this NAMM U Breakfast Session at 2018 Summer NAMM, international marketing thought leader Marcus Sheridan revealed proven steps for turning a traditional organization into a powerhouse for this age of online marketing, e-commerce and disruptive technologies.
Don’t miss out on your big best-seller for the holidays—and beyond! Saturday morning at 2018 Summer NAMM closed with “Best in Show,” a fast-moving roundup of the biggest products, services and technologies on the exhibit floor. Moderated by Frank Alkyer, publisher of Music Inc. and UpBeat Daily magazines, this NAMM U Breakfast Session featured a panel of gear experts who shopped the far corners of the show floor to bring you their top picks. Discover the new products everyone will be talking about, and find out why these products matter to you.
Presented By Link Walls
Doing social media is easy; mastering social media marketing is an art and a science. Still, it’s achievable for music businesses given some direction. In this session, Link Walls, vice president of digital marketing strategy for e-commerce giant ChannelAdvisor, walks you through the top five mistakes you’re probably making in your social media marketing, and offers tips and strategies to fix these mistakes.
The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is the most comprehensive online privacy policy to date and can significantly impact your music business. Are you prepared? Online marketing expert Peter Malick of Inbound AV weighs in on what the GDPR means to the music industry and steps you can take to safeguard your business.
Presented By Jonathan Shue
Group classes are an affordable way to increase enrollment in your private lesson program, add value to your business and foster a community of loyal customers. In this session, Jonathan Shue, education director of Dusty Strings Music Store & School, shares his strategies for steadily growing enrollment in group classes and nurturing a community of eager students, teachers and customers.