Presented By Peter Dods
How do you market your store in a digital world? At 2014 Summer NAMM, Peter Dods, owner of Easy Music Center, revealed tried-and-true ideas—and looked at how applying basic principles of marketing excellence will help you achieve healthy growth. His session delved into everything from email marketing to Yelp to Vines.
Presented By Joe Pulizzi
With so much competition for your customers’ attention, how do you stand out from other businesses? Be epic! In this dynamic Breakfast Session, Joe Pulizzi, founder of the Content Marketing Institute, will show you how. He’ll reveal ways that epic marketers attract and keep customers by using compelling, relevant and consistent content.
Presented By Nick Failla
Google AdWords is one of the most targeted, powerful and affordable advertising tools available to music retailers. At 2014 Summer NAMM, Nick Failla, marketing guru and president of Collected Concepts, presented "Google AdWords: The Best Advertising for Your Buck." He revealed easy-to-follow Google AdWords strategies to get you up and running in no time.
Presented By Michael Ross
At 2014 Summer NAMM, Sweetwater Vice President of Marketing Mike Ross took the mystery out of creating a powerful website. He delved into such topics as mobile responsive design, how and eBay play into a retailer’s website strategy, creating customer loyalty, how to optimize a site for local ISP searches, and SEO. Learn from Sweetwater's best practices.
Presented By Nick Failla
YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world, after Google. With this 2014 Summer NAMM session, Nick Failla walks you through why you need to get your videos online, how to promote your videos, where to find them and how to make them, ideal video length, how to distribute them, and how to create a YouTube channel.
Presented By Robin Sassi
You get an unfair, negative review on Yelp. It affects your rating and may scare away customers. Learn from Robin Sassi, president and CEO of San Diego Music Studio and attorney at law, how to handle this headache. Here, she reveals the best response to negative Yelp reviews and her long-term strategy for combating them.
Presented By Grant Billings, Kurt Witt
It's not just about Facebook anymore. Social media now includes ever-growing platforms—Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest, Instagram and LinkedIn. Grant Billings of Billings Piano Gallery moderated this share-all panel discussion at the 2014 NAMM Show with Kurt Witt of Woodwind & Brasswind and Menzie Pittman of Contemporary Music Center. Each panelist offered insights about the role social media plays as part of his overall marketing strategy.
Presented By James Harding
In the past few years, Gist Piano Center has hosted dozens of themed recitals. These events have flooded the store with people and rapidly boosted Gist's reputation as a local center for music. In the process, the recitals have helped build lasting customer memories and strengthened relationships with community leaders. Gist President James Harding shows how.
Presented By Gabriel O'Brien
Many independent music retailers feel hopelessly outgunned by large chain stores and Internet-only retailers. How can you possibly compete, given your other responsibilities and limited budget? The first step is to take advantage of Google, so customers and potential customers can find you online. Gabriel O'Brien of Larry's Music Center in Wooster, Ohio, offers simple tips to help you get started.
Presented By Barry Moltz
With 89 billion business emails sent each day, it’s tough to guarantee that any one email gets read—even one that has great content like yours. What’s a music retailer to do? At the 2014 NAMM Show, small-business guru Barry Moltz offered 10 ideas to help music stores stand out and ensure their emails get seen. Here are those 10 tips.