Your store’s home page is the first thing online visitors see about your business—make it count!  To create the biggest impact, start by looking at your business ‘personality’ and what you want your visitors to think of when they first see your website.
Presented By Grant Billings, Greg Billings
Facebook is a great way to market your business online—if you do it the right way!  Watch as father-and-son team Greg and Grant Billings discuss the many ways  they use Facebook to market their business. Create a Facebook page for your business. Make your postings interesting, relevant and engaging. Update your postings regularly.
Presented By Jennifer Tabor
Jen Tabor of Souldier Guitar Straps, USA, presents ways to give your retail store a facelift and turn your employees into assets. Unlock the hidden potential in your store with simple ideas and easy tips at little to no expense, including:  creating specialists (i.e., young people who are being underutilized in the store and who need to have a further specialty); encouraging your staff - you do
The opportunity to better understand technology can help grow your business. You can build your Web presence, step-by-step, with some tips from our industry experts, Bobby Boyles, Jen Lowe and Kurt Witt.
Presented By Danny Rocks
Build your Web presence by posting video of your store employees or customers giving product reviews about instruments purchased from your store.  
Presented By Danny Rocks
Make your store's Web site stand out from the rest. Danny Rocks shares an idea to post video of your store employees or customers playing their favorite instruments purchased from your store.
Presented By Danny Rocks
Identify which social media Web sites you should be a part of by investigating which ones are most popular with your current and potential customers.  Use your time more effectively by strategically selecting which sites to join.
Presented By Danny Rocks
Some stumbling blocks you might encounter when trying to add content to your Web site are: determining the type of content, where to find it and how often should you add new content.  In this clip, Danny Rocks sheds some light on tricks of the trade to help you figure out the process that works best for you.  Also, find out the number one reason why content and the way you manage it can help im
Presented By Danny Rocks
Every click on your Web site can be captured and analyzed using metrics.  There are many things that can be measured such as the number of people that visit your site, what other sites they come from and where they go on the Internet after leaving your site.