Presented By Don Tegeler
In less than one minute, Don Tegeler of Tegeler Music shares his big idea: Hold a benefit concert on Labor Day for your non-profit organization of choice. This year, Tegeler hosted a concert to raise money for the Wounded Warrior Project. "I do a lot of business from people that just came in after they saw the event," he says. "They wanted to support me because of what we did."
Presented By James Harding
James Harding, president of Gist Piano Center, needed a way to drive customers into his store during the busy holiday season. So, he invited local students to come in and record their own CDs of holiday music on a high-end digital piano. His investment: $68 and a little effort. The promotion ended up bringing in 48 local students, and he sold three high-end digital pianos.
Presented By Brian Reardon
Brian Reardon of Monster Music keeps a steady stream of students coming through his lesson program during the summer months. His secret? A spring promotion that couples a discount on summer music lessons with a free acoustic guitar. The promotion also keeps his teachers busy during the slow time and has been a major source of students year-round.
Presented By Gabriel O'Brien
The fourth quarter can be challenging for independent music stores that don't have huge advertising budgets and private-equity funding. So how do you compete with Black Friday, Cyber Monday and all the other deals being thrown around during the holiday season? Gabriel O'Brien of Larry's Music Center in Wooster, Ohio, offers up his best ideas.
Presented By Brian Reardon
When the recession hit, large retailers began offering more layaway promotions. Brian Reardon of Monster Music in Levittown, N.Y., decided to capitalize on that awareness for the holiday season. Learn how he used the power of layaway to make closing deals easier—and, ultimately, to boost his holiday sales.
Presented By Mike Guntren
Two years ago, Mike Guntren of Ray's Midbell Music in Sioux City, Iowa, abandoned his store's direct-mail campaign for the holiday season. He reallocated that budget to employee spiffs in addition to regular commission. This simple move made a big difference to his company's holiday sales—and employee morale.
Presented By Paul Tobias
2012 was Tobias Music's best year ever, and the Downers Grove, Ill., guitar shop also had its best fourth quarter to date. The company had the benefit of a new, expanded showroom, which features a laid-back vibe with living room furniture and bar counters. President Paul Tobias explains how he took advantage of that vibe during the holiday selling season.
Presented By Chris Johnson, Gabriel O'Brien
Summer NAMM 2013 kicked off with the NAMM Retail Summit. The session looked at ways music retailers can supercharge their fourth quarter and holiday season. In this segment, NAMM President and CEO Joe Lamond speaks with Gabriel O'Brien of Larry's Music Center and Chris Johnson of Musician's SuperStore. These retailers have successfully competed with national retailers on Black Friday weekend but take opposite approaches. Listen in as they reveal their proven strategies.
Presented By Jeff Mozingo
Summer NAMM 2013 kicked off with the NAMM Retail Summit. In this segment, NAMM President and CEO Joe Lamond speaks with three prominent music retailers about creative ways to drive store traffic during the busiest days of the year, when customers are most time-stretched. Hear how to maximize sales from Jeff Mozingo of Mozingo Music, Ryan West of West Music and Peter Sides of Robert M. Sides Family Music Centers.
Summer NAMM 2013 kicked off with the NAMM Retail Summit. In this segment, NAMM President and CEO Joe Lamond interviews Whitney Brown Grisaffi of Ted Brown Music and Ryan West of West Music about boosting store traffic and sales during the slow period after the holidays. Check out their ideas. Watch the video.