Presented By Bob Negen
Summer NAMM 2013 kicked off with the NAMM Retail Summit. In this segment, retail sales and promotions guru Bob Negen shares one of his all-time favorite holiday promotions, The 12 Days of Christmas, with NAMM President and CEO Joe Lamond. This promotion can be an effective way to get people into a store and clear out slow-moving merchandise before the new year.
Presented By Brad Boynton
This past holiday season, Rhythm Traders drove store traffic and sales by hosting "The 12 Days of Christmas." Beginning Dec. 13, the drum retailer gave away an instrument every day until the grand finale on Christmas Eve, which featured a drum set giveaway. Owner Brad Boynton explains how the promotion led to his store's best December ever—and why it can be tailored to any retailer.
Tracy Leenman wanted to make her business a destination on National Music Day. Her solution? The almighty ukulele. Using the power of uke circles, she got the community into her store, Musical Innovations of Greenville, S.C. There, people young and old, experienced and inexperienced learned songs, played as an ensemble and bought a ton of product. Learn from her model.
Presented By Cris Behrens
Key sales and marketing strategies from "40 Tips for Music Professionals 40 and Under"—a NAMM U session presented at The NAMM Show 2013. The session was hosted by Cris Behrens (pictured), CJ Averwater and Ryan West of NAMM YP (Young Professionals). Use this as a checklist, and share it with your employees.
After watching her guitar pack sales drop, Lauren Haas Amanfoh of Royalton Music Center decided to change her sales strategy during the holidays. She devised a three-step approach to bump customers up to a higher price point. The result? A 300-percent rise in acoustic guitar sales and a doubling of her electric guitar sales volume. Find out how she did it.
B&O rentals bring in new customers each fall; create repeat customers for reeds, books and repairs; and provide consistent income year-round. For many years, all the area music stores around Royalton Music Center would wait to see what deal each store was going to run. Royalton's president, Lauren Haas Amanfoh, decided to create her own rental promotion centered on what made her company different: its music lesson program.
Presented By Raegan Michelle Medeiros
Does your store hit a low every summer, right before the back-to-school season begins? Raegan Michelle Medeiros found her business, John Michael's Music, in this position mid-summer—no cash and no customers walking through the door. She needed to hold a sales event with no budget. If this sounds familiar, find out how she increased her sales by "975 percent"—and gained new customers.
Presented By John Pedersen
John Pedersen of Pedersen's Band and Orchestra first used QR codes as a promotional tool on his company's student band folders. Since then, he's seen his store's mobile app usage more than double—and he's gotten his message out to as many as 2,000 students daily. Learn about Pedersen's band-folder promotion, along with several other simple but creative uses for QR codes that have helped promote his music retail business.
Presented By John Pedersen
My first exposure to QR codes was three years ago at a convention in Fresno, Calif. My wife and I had a booth to promote a new side business: our own brand of instrument care kits. During the convention, one of my reps dropped by and showed me how QR codes worked on his iPhone. Little did I know they were going to be an easy and inexpensive way to promote what we were already doing.
Presented By Brian Solis
Social media. Smartphones. Tablets. Internet access everywhere, all the time. There's a point when technology shifts from being a trend to becoming a disruption in daily business. Yet another point comes when consumer behavior starts to shift, and we're presented with an important decision: Either we embrace this change or we don't. Digital marketing guru Brian Solis explains how. Watch the video.