Statistics show that email marketing is, on average, up to 40 times more effective than social media when it comes to reaching customers. In this session, Ayana Webb, founder of The Musical Webb, reveals how she maximized her revenue and customer base with the power of email marketing. She'll share the most effective ways to build your email list, best practices for broadcasting and email marketing tools that can double, if not quadruple, your sales without incurring additional costs.
Two years ago, Amro Music sought to revolutionize its customer experience for the next decade. In this session, Amro Music President CJ Averwater shares the actionable steps the company took to achieve this. Discover how to bolster your customer experience with deeper employee engagement and core values that stick.
In the last year, people have been spending more time than ever online, platforms have evolved and tactics that have worked in the past aren’t having the same impact. In this session, Reverb’s Mallory Nees—who leads strategy for Reverb’s social media channels—helps you rethink your social media strategy for 2021. You’ll walk away with actionable tips to help you connect online with the audiences that matter to you most.
Don’t be seduced into the vanity of going viral! Often, achieving viral status on Facebook, YouTube, Instagram and other platforms feels good but means nothing. Find out what metrics actually matter to your online media marketing in this special session from Scott Stratten, marketing rebel and sales, branding and relationship expert. He reveals what you want to know about metrics using a real-life case study from his own business.
Few know what must be done to adapt to new COVID-era realities like Bob Phibbs, an internationally recognized business strategist, customer service and marketing expert, and the previous host of NAMM’s Retail Innovation Summit and NAMM U Breakfast Sessions. And in this special session for Believe in Music, Phibbs shared his outlook on the state of retail and, more importantly, how to succeed in the new “next.”
If we can find new, personal ways to bring the in-store experience into customers’ homes, we can look forward to building upon last year’s successes and creating a bright future for our companies. Here, James Harding, director of sales and marketing for Riverton Piano, shares five simple ways to bring your in-store culture to your website and online presence. He covers everything from product pages to video to web chat.
On January 25, NAMM hosted “Best in Show” for Believe in Music Week. This virtual NAMM U session featured a roundup of the biggest products and technologies featured at Believe in Music, as chosen by a panel of gear experts. The panel was moderated by Frank Alkyer of Music Inc. and UpBeat Daily magazines. Check out the winners now!
Do you want to increase your software sales using the XCHANGE platform? Then discover best practices directly from XCHANGE President Ray Williams. In this video, he shares power tips for boosting your software business via XCHANGE, covering everything from optimizing your website and working with vendors to training your team.
Contactless payments are a digital payment that uses the technology and security of a mobile device to securely communicate the customer’s payment information to a merchant without making physical contact. Contactless payments also remove the threat of cross-contamination. Smartphones, smartwatches, other wearable technology and contactless-enabled credit or debit cards can all be used for this form of payment. Here, Sarah McKee of Chosen Payments explains how it works.
In this NAMM U Online session, Fernando Jones shares his best practices for transitioning from in-person to online music lessons. Jones is the founder of Blues Kids of America and Blues Camp, the Blues Ensemble director at Columbia College Chicago and an international recording artist. Here, he covers tips for getting started with virtual lessons, approaches for preparing the student (and parents), tech tools and more.