The future of retail is right now. So who is winning in this new reality and why? That was the focus of “Retail Innovators,” the opening NAMM U Breakfast Session at 2018 Summer NAMM. Hosted by NAMM President and CEO Joe Lamond, the session featured discussions with some of the most forward-thinking music retailers of today. They shared how they’re thriving with innovative, effective and sometimes unconventional business models.
Cosmo Music’s Mark Hebert has seen tremendous growth in his company’s CosmoFest, an all-out music and gear festival, with 14,000-plus registrants this year. During “Retail Innovators” at 2018 Summer NAMM, Herbert shed light on the event’s success in an interview with NAMM President and CEO Joe Lamond. Herbert and Chris Bates of TeacherZone also discussed Cosmo’s latest lesson program updates.
Scott and Monique Robbins of G-Brat’s Guitars built a $2 million-a-year music retail business from their home—without employees—using online selling platforms, such as Reverb. During “Retail Innovators” at 2018 Summer NAMM, the husband-and-wife couple revealed their success strategy in an interview with NAMM President and CEO Joe Lamond.
During “Retail Innovators” at 2018 Summer NAMM, Tony Schreiber of Pedal Genie discussed his company’s unique business model with NAMM President and CEO Joe Lamond. Founded five years ago, Pedal Genie is a subscription-based effects pedal service. (Think Netflix for pedals.) It’s also part of Florida-based music retailer Gear Hero HQ.
In 2013, Randy Shayler purchased Zeswitz Music, a 90-year-old school music retailer. Since then, the company’s sales have increased more than 40 percent, and the number of schools served has nearly doubled. During “Retail Innovators” at 2018 Summer NAMM, he discussed how Zeswitz achieved that growth with NAMM President and CEO Joe Lamond.
Andertons Music’s YouTube channel has more than 75 million YouTube views and 315,000 subscribers. In this session, Lee Anderton offers an insightful look at how he did it—and what it means to your business. In this fast-moving presentation, Anderton shows how he grew his store’s YouTube channel, how it’s expanded his customer base and what you can take away from his best practices.
Presented By Tracy Leenman, Dan Fugate and Allen McBroom
Does your website need an all-out makeover, or are you just looking for good ideas to update your site? Tracy Leenman of Musical Innovations, NAMM’s 2015 Dealer of the Year, recently gave her website a successful revamp, and during this session, she leads a panel of music retailers who’ve done the same. They share their best practices for navigating a website makeover and share tips you can use to improve your own website.
In the past decade, Quinn the Eskimo has become a major online seller of used and vintage horns, due in large part to its success on eBay. Here, company owner and eBay guru Matthew Stoecker shares his top tips, secrets and hacks to help you increase your own eBay business. He covers how to make an attractive listing, photography pointers, best practices for eBay’s condition categories and much more.
What we don’t know about customer behavior can hurt us. Don’t let this affect your business! In this session, Sean Samson of Sean Samson Training will look at the five real reasons customers don’t buy and what you can do about it. He offers a practical, easy-to-follow approach to diagnosing problems and reveals how to create consistent, profitable customer interactions that will accelerate sales.
Are you using your YouTube channel to its full advantage? In this session, Dan Abel, director of marketing for and former content partnerships manager at YouTube, explores five little-known tools and features that will help you create better content, get your videos in front of a larger audience and more.